Early Guitar Anthology

Early Guitar Anthology
Vol. I: The Renaissance
Vol. II:The Early Baroque
Vol. III: The Late Baroque


Fantasia by Melchior Barberiis, played by Charles Wolzien

.....The Early Guitar Anthology series is dedicated to music written during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. As explained on Charles Wolzien's Homepage, this project involves the compilation and revision of class handouts, lecture notes, analytical studies, and tablature transcriptions that he created in over three decades of college teaching. Each volume begins with a section entitled General Background that deals with the instrument(s) that were played, the sources and notational conventions that were used, and the performance practices that were employed: then the various genres of the period are outlined and the works of important composers discussed.
..... This Anthology is intended for college level history classes as well as studio guitar teachers who will find repertoire that is appropriate for students of all levels that is transcribed to fit the tuning of the modern instrument. Complimentary copies of these volumes can be downloaded by clicking on the Complimentary Volume Downloads links below.
..... Our Online publishing format allows us to offer you revised editions of this anthology at regular intervals so that errors can be corrected and, as deemed necessary, certain points within the text can be better clarified: the latest revision date appears on each Complimentary Volume Downloads link.
..... Guitar Ensemble Directors are invited to download arrangements of instrumental ensemble music at no charge, and free recordings of some of the transcriptions are also available (see below).
Complimentary Volume Downloads:

Volume I: The Renaissance c.1540-1580 (Jan-2023)
Volume II: The Early Baroque c.1580-1630 (Jan-2023)
Volume III: The Middle and Late Baroque c.1630-1750 (Jan-2024)

Free Recording Downloads:
You can listen to recordings of selected repertoire from the Early Guitar Anthology series played by Mr. Wolzien using replica Renaissance and Baroque guitars made by Robert Mavrinac and Lawrence K. Brown. New excerpts will continually be posted as part of an ongoing recording project.
Romanesca by Mudarra
Conte Clare by Morlaye
Pavana by Mudarra
Canon in subdyapentè by Gorlier
Branle by Morlaye
Prelude by Le Roy


Mr. Wolzien's transcription of the 1555 voice and guitar voix de ville by Adrian Le Roy is available from Doberman editions. Pierre Phalèse published many of these songs again as solos in his 1570 Selectissima: a solo rendition of the first song in this collection as recorded by the author is available below.

Laissez la verte couleur
Puis que nouuelle

Free Guitar Ensemble Downloads:
Additional arrangements for Guitar Ensemble will be posted in the near future so visit us again before preparing for your next ensemble concert!
Suite of Branles de Bourgongne by Gervaise



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